The Company

C3 Titanium is the evolution of Curve Cycling Components.  Curve is a small roots cycling company located in Boulder, Colorado.  Founded in 1992 by Henrik Nejezchleb, Curve products have been used to numerous victories in World Championships and the Grand Tours.   In 1999 Curve began supplying  the cycling industry with titanium framesets, fasteners, and components produced at our factory in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia.  Our manufacturing engineers have been applying production titanium manufacturing technologies for decades in the aerospace and naval industries.  Our highly qualified craftsmen and journeyman welders graduated from the unique Titanium technology institute.
C3 believes that Titanium is simply the best overall material choice for the production of bicycle framesets and components.  Titanium alloy components absorb and transmit force and vibration in a completely different fashion when compared to any carbon fiber reinforced frame or component (regardless of carbon layup or design).  A Titanium frame and fork, designed together, can offer an unparalleled riding experience.  From an environmental point of view, if a C3 Titanium frameset will last you a lifetime, this can help you to reduce your lifetime eco-footprint on this planet.
C3 products have been extensively tested on the extremely demanding unpaved climbs above Boulder, the screaming technical descents in Lombardy, and in the rugged wild terrain of Crimea.  Hundreds of high speed descents, hour long gravel climbs, rough roads, and every conceivable terrain have convinced us that our framesets and components are up to the task.  Our products come with a lifetime guarantee against defects in workmanship.

Please have a look around the site.  We’ve provided high resolution photos so you can see the products as clearly as possible.  If you want truly innovative and functional product and you have some questions, please contact us directly: